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Langton Green was founded as a family and a community. We’ve grown from helping a few families to become a welcoming alternative to traditional institutions, an extended family and community. For many of the individuals we support living at Langton Green is their first experience of being in a community setting – a home away from home. We are an extended family with strong ties to the wider community. Langton Green is dedicated to excellence, maintains high standards, and exceeds state and federal standards of care. Langton Green has received awards and recognition for excellence, including the Standards of Excellence accreditation through Maryland Nonprofits (MANO). Langton Green offers job coaching, vocational training, and access to meaningful paid and volunteer positions in the community and at the Langton Green Community Farm. We provide guidance, skills, support, and vocational training through partnerships with local businesses and sponsors. : Since its founding in 1984, Langton Green, an Anne Arundel County-based residential community that supports adults with intellectual disabilities, has sought to achieve three main goals: Establish a place where people with varying needs and abilities could live, work and learn to make a positive impact on the surrounding community. Provide programs and services, tailored to the individual, that helps each person develop the skills they need to live as independently as possible. Ensure that each person is able to realize his or her potential in ways that they could not in a different setting.