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Kimmotion Pilates LLC

Sports & Recreation

Kimberly Kandra


[email protected]

1723 Torrington Place

Crofton, Maryland 21114

Kimmotion Pilates LLC is a boutique Pilates studio offering classes and private sessions in the Classical Pilates method. As a professional dancer and choreographer, Kimberly has over 30 years of experience teaching movement to all ages. Her strengths lie in the areas of Neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson's and stroke victims as well as years of experience with clients suffering from Ehlers-Danlos and Dysautonomia. Kimmotion Pilates is located in two locations. One is a fully equipped single client studio here in Crofton, while the other is located in the umbrella studio of A Pilates Place in Crownsville, MD. Both studios boast a full collection of classical Pilates apparatus, including reformers, wunda chairs, baby arm chair, Cadillac, ped-o-puls and assorted barrels.