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Educational Systems Federal Credit Union

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Dominic Powell


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2625 Riva Rd Suite C

Annapolis, Maryland 21401

For over 65 years, we have continued to grow by helping the members of the education community achieve their financial goals and dreams. We proudly serve teachers, administrators, support staff, parents, and students. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that are owned by their members. When you join Educational Systems Federal Credit Union, you become an owner of the Credit Union and we serve your interests. After paying expenses and setting aside reserves, we return our profits to our members in the form of lower loan rates and higher dividend rates. In contrast, banks are typically owned by stockholders who focus on profits for outside shareholders. Our Business Development team can help you open an account, apply for loans, get a loan check, ask questions one-on-one and attend a financial education seminar without leaving your place of work. We host seminars for educators, parents and students on topics such as understanding credit, building a budget, buying a first home, saving for retirement and how to pay for college. To schedule a seminar at your place of work or make a one-on-one financial consultation appointment, email [email protected].