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Greater Crofton
Chamber of Commerce

Video Media Training Seminar

  • October 08, 2019
  • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Crofton Chamber Office, 2126 Espey Ct., Suite A, Crofton, MD 21114
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$10 for Members/$20 for Non-Members

Doughnuts and coffee are served at each session. 

Like it or not, we live in a world where your amazing self is likely to wind up in front of a video camera at any moment. 

And it can be SCARY.

     • Does being in front of a camera give you heart palpitations?

     • Do you mumble, fumble and wonder what the heck to say?

     • Do you think you come across as clueless or grumpy or a boring dud?

It doesn't have to be that way!

In this sought-after Video Media Training workshop, veteran producers Laura Seltzer-Duny and Victoria Bruce will make you feel at ease in front of the camera and send you home with your first, super-duper video starring a new and improved on-camera version of you!* 

Whether you need Video Media Training to:

  • Promote your business
  • Be interviewed about something you're totally an expert in...
  • Vlog your heart out about what really matters to you...

We can help you become completely confident in front of the camera.

Lose your fear of putting your charismatic self out there to captivate the world!

* Space is limited to 10 participants.

About your video media coaches:

Laura Seltzer-Duny has been producing and directing award-winning television documentaries and educational programs for over 15 years. She has filmed and edited hundreds of videos that have aired on PBS, Discovery Channels and primetime TV.  Laura has worked with numerous nonprofits and businesses to create professional, high-quality videos promoting a variety of causes and companies.

Victoria Bruce is a writer, director, producer, & media coach. She is the author of four books on topics from volcanoes to international politics. Victoria is a skilled communications director with experience in promoting film and book projects, small businesses, technical and scientific meetings, breaking research and political campaigns and candidates. Victoria has appeared as a host and guest on many television and radio shows including Good Morning America, Larry King Live and NPR's weekend edition and Marketplace.

Greater Crofton
Chamber of Commerce

Office: 410-721-9131

2126 Espey Ct
Suite A, Crofton MD 21114

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