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Greater Crofton
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Leadership for Organizational Excellence with David Wendkos from Sandler Training

  • March 08, 2019
  • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Crofton Chamber Office, 2126 Espey Ct., Suite A, Crofton, MD 21114
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Join us for our once a month session on "Leadership for Organizational Excellence" presented by David Wendkos, Certified Sandler Trainer and Owner of the Sandler Training Center in Annapolis.

$10 for Members/$20 for Non-Members

Coffee and doughnuts will be provided

What’s this all about?

  • ·        This program is designed specifically for small to mid-sized business owners, along with executive teams responsible for strategic planning and forecasting.
  • ·        There’s a never-ending problem for those in leadership. They often don’t know what they don’t know about the obstacles they face. Far too often though, they aren’t actually interested in finding out, either.
  • ·        Sandler’s Leadership for Organizational Excellence (LOE) was created for the exceptions; those special leaders who are committed to making their businesses the best they can be and really do want to discover those hidden obstacles, or “blind spots”, and then discover a process to ensure they and their company are on the road to Organizational Excellence. . . and that they keep moving toward their destination.
  • ·        In this condensed version of the full year-long LOE program, participants will learn about the factors that differentiate businesses into four categories – At Risk, Average, Well Managed, and Excellent. From there, the discussion will turn to the Blind Spots Syndrome and the fourteen classic blind spots organizations commonly suffer from. The series will wrap up with a look at the Antidote to Blind Spots, a proven leadership model known colloquially as The 6 P’s.

About David:

David Wendkos is a nationally recognized, certified instructor for Sandler Training, the world’s largest professional development network, offering nearly 300 performance centers across 33 countries. The owner and operator of the Sandler Training Center in Annapolis, David brings more than twenty-five years of experience, knowledge, and success in sales, coaching, training, management, leadership, and entrepreneurship, in conjunction with Sandler’s time-tested, award-winning systems, processes, and methodologies, to provide clients with unparalleled benefit and value in the pursuit of improved performance, increased income, more success, and greater overall professional satisfaction and enjoyment.

To find out if David can help you, schedule a no-cost, no-obligation discovery phone call:

  • ·         Phone: (443) 744-3700
  • ·         Email: Rhino@Sandler.com
  • ·         Or schedule online at Calendly.com/sandlertraining

You can also find David online:

  • ·         On the web at Rhino.Sandler.com
  • ·         On LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/davidwendkos
  • ·         On Facebook at facebook.com/sandlerrhino/
  • ·         On Twitter at @sandlerrhino

Greater Crofton
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