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Social Media 101

  • May 17, 2018
  • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Pongos Interactive 2141 Priest Bridge Drive, Suite 8
  • 18


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Join us for Social Media 101.  On Thursdays, once a month join us for this informative series as you learn about everything you need to know that is social media related, presented by MB Branding Solutions.  Our host sponsor is Pongos Interactive.  We will be serving a light pastries and coffee at each lesson. 

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Facebook

This course helps you understand the proper way to engage people using the social media platform: Facebook. Marketing consultant Martiel Beatty from MB Branding Solutions, LLC will teach about when to post, how to schedule posts, what makes a great post (and what does not), boosting (when it's a good idea), proper use of groups, pages, and knowing what to share and maybe most importantly, when the right time is to share. You’ll come away with an understanding of how to use Facebook as a tool to market your business without being salesy or pushy.


  • You’ll learn how to create compelling content to market your business on Facebook
  • You’ll learn how to choose images that will resonate with your audience
  • You’ll learn when and where to publish for YOUR audience.

Also Included:

  • Each business that attends will get a free strategy session (a value of $2500) from MB Branding Solutions. You'll get to sit down with Martiel and her team of experts to discuss your strategy, get tips, ask questions and get help making your social media marketing better in 2018! Anything is on the table, bring your concerns and MB Branding Solutions will help you discover the answers. Seriously, this is a free strategy session with Martiel and her team - you don't want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to get the information you need at no additional charge!
  • Each business that attends will also get all the handouts that go with this course plus a copy of the presentation.

Courses will include:

Who is your customer?

Branding Basics for Entrepreneurs

Website Made Easy (What You Really Need to Know & No One Tells You)

This is the 1st of the year long monthly series hosted by Mb Branding Solutions. 

* The Entrepreneur's Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Keyword Search

* The Entrepreneur's Guide to Facebook

* The Entrepreneur's Guide to Facebook Advertising

* The Entrepreneur's Guide to Pinterest & Instagram

* The Entrepreneur's Guide to Google+ & YouTube

* The Entrepreneur's Guide to Twitter & SnapChat

* The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building a Killer Newsletter List

* The Entrepreneur's Guide to Launching an Event/Products

* Blogging for Entrepreneurs

* The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sales Funnels

* The Entrepreneur's Guide to Video Marketing

Martiel's Bio:

In 2010, Martiel Beatty was all set to pursue a doctorate in applied anthropology. Then, tragedy struck: she was involved in a car accident that left her with severe damage to her head, back, and legs.

Martiel suddenly found herself stricken with epileptic seizures, memory issues, and chronic pain, and facing an uncertain future. Her once sharp, analytical mind struggled to retain information. Yet, her creativity and imagination seemed to be on overdrive. Always an artist at heart, she saw this as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

Over the next few months, Martiel poured herself into her art and soon decided to start an online art school and community — The Artcademy. At a time when digital marketing was just finding its legs, Martiel worked day and night to develop innovative solutions to effectively promote her business.

Soon others, inspired by Martiel’s success, began to ask her advice on marketing. For the next 7 years, she coached and mentored numerous entrepreneurs on how to build their brands, enhance their visibility online, and increase their profits — all while growing The Artcademy into a thriving enterprise.

In May 2017, she decided to take her coaching services to the next level and formed a new company, MB Branding Solutions. Today, backed by a dedicated team of marketing professionals, Martiel offers her expertise and services to business owners throughout the country.

Contact Info:

Martiel Beatty

CEO & Chief Multi-Potentialite

MB Branding Solutions, LLC

1997 Annapolis Exchange Parkway, Suite 300

Annapolis, MD 21401




Specific coursework information by date will be posted shortly.

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